One minute its Christmas then in no time at all we are voting for the Player of the Year with the season almost at an end. Most supporters agreed that it crept up on them somewhat quicker than usual this year and had to get their thinking caps on in a bit of a hurry.

Whatever it takes to get the fans voting it sure worked this time round as over 10% more SA members cast their vote and for the first time in what seems ages there was no clear leader as the early votes came in on line. Eight players were picking up a good spread of the votes and by the time the ballot papers from the stadium vote came through two players were neck and neck at the top of the leader board.

However, before the winner was announced the usual gathering of players, staff & supporters assembled in the Broadhall Suite to witness the presentation of the SA spoof awards to selected members of the playing staff in “recognition” of their unique attributes in the dressing room.

Never reluctant to dish the dirt our mole identified eight players who picked up awards and there was also a special one for Dino Maamria in recognition of his contribution to Boro’s youngsters lifting the Herts Senior Cup for the first time in their history.

The usual “tight wad” (there’s always one) went to Chris Day whose framed citation will take pride of place in his Crooked Billet pub.

Ashley Bayes was hailed for his fruit cake tendencies and overall loudness to anyone within a quarter of a mile radius, his certificate coming with a fully laminated risk assessment form to comply with health & safety requirements. Undeterred, Ashley bellowed his appreciation while cradling his new prize possessions.

Again, appearance always crops up on a regular basis and Ronnie Henry (for his teeth), Scott Laird (for the size of his head?), Lee Boylan (highlighting his dress sense, or lack of) and Mark Roberts for his amazing similarity to Shirley Carter from Eastenders were the recipients of framed citations to mark the auspicious occasion.

Michael Bostwick had tried to put the disappointment of rolling his Mercedes behind him, but our mole wasn’t going to let it go unnoticed and certificate of totalled motor plus upside down model Mercedes on plinth were presented to our own James Hunt the shunt.

Lastly Steve Morison was the popular recipient for the least happy award; his citation came with a copy of kids’ favourite book entitled “Jonah the Moaner”.

Moving on to the SA Player of the Year, we were delighted to have club Chairman Phil Wallace step in for the holidaying SA Chairman Lloyd Briscoe to present the trophy.

In 3rd place with 12% of the vote was Ronnie Henry

2nd place went to Chris Day with 19% of the vote.

The winner of SBFCSA Player of the Year for 2008/09 with 23% of the vote:

Mark Roberts

(or Shirley as he will be known from this day forth)

The SA would like to thank all members who voted this year, to Andy Green for MC duties on the night and to the club for providing the food, music and facilities for the evening party that followed. We look forward to seeing you all again next season for more of the same.