How To Join

How to join?


  1. Visit our online store.
  2. Select the appropriate membership level and add it to your basket.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to checkout.
  4. Once payment is accepted, Mervyn will contact you and confirm your membership number. If you are a new member, he will request that you email him a small photograph,  to use on your membership card.
  5. If you wish to provide a new photo, please do so by sending a JPEG attached to an email to

Please note:- There is a 75p charge for Memberships via our online store. This is to cover Paypal charges that are passed on to the S.A., and apply whether paying by Debit or Credit card.

By Post

  1. Take a completed application form, and photograph  if a new member, to the Boro Shop at the Lamex Stadium, Stevenage. If you are an existing member, we will use the photo we hold on file. You may, if you wish, send a new photograph.
  2. Mail a completed form to the shop together with your remittance, and recent photograph, if a new member (1 per member), with name(s) recorded on the reverse side. Mail for the attention of Supporters Association Secretary, C/o Stevenage Football Club, The Lamex Stadium, Broadhall Way, Stevenage SG2 8RH
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