SA Draw Details

The SA runs two matchday draws, the 50/50 draw, and the Matchday Ticket draw.

50/50 Draw

As part of the SA’s drive to raise funds for the Club, 50/50 ticket sellers are located close to the turnstiles.

Tickets cost £1 each and, as the name would suggest, 50% of the funds raised go to the SA and 50% forms the cash prize. The draw is made, usually by the referee, at half-time. As an added incentive, anyone buying a 50/50 ticket can use it to make savings at Cineworld on the Stevenage Leisure Park.

Please ensure you are watching/listening carefully at half time as the winning ticket number is announced over the PA system and displayed on the scoreboard.

***50/50 prize money has to be claimed on the day. Any prize not claimed is rolled over to the next game***

Match Day Ticket Draw

All members of the SA are automatically entered in our match day ticket draw.

This draw takes place on the pitch at half-time, when Geoff Gibbs persuades a player to draw out two names to each win a ticket for the next home game.

The tickets are posted to the winner.

The details of the 50/50 draw and Match Day Ticket winners will be displayed here on the website.

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