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50-50 Tickets As everyone knows, when it comes to flogging raffle tickets, our 50-50 girls are the best. This scheme, in my opinion, is one

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It’s occurred to me that it’s been quite a while since my last blog, so, apologies for that, and herewith my next instalment.

FA Cup

A good draw for us,

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Chairman’s Blog

Well, the season is well and truly underway, and what entertainment we’ve had to-date. The opener against Macclesfield was a delight, and our fans were sensational. The game against Portsmouth

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Chairman’s Blog

Why do you support Stevenage? Is it because you live here? Is it because you were born here? Do you also support a Premier League club as well, in which

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We’re a Football League club (how I love saying that..)

It was a privilege to be at Aggborough with the 1,000 or so Stevenage fans, to witness our win, and the squad’s on-pitch celebrations afterwards. What a great day..


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